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(a) Intensive Care Unit
(b) Coronary Care Unit
(c) Neonatal I.C.U.
(d) Paediatric I.C.U.
(e) Stroke I.C.U.

(a) I.C.U (Intensive Care Unit)

ICU at K D hospital is managed by an efficient team of intensivists, physicians and neurosurgeons along with trained medical officers and ICU staff. ICU is entirely devoted to manage all kinds of medical emergencies, trauma and neuro-trauma patients, poisoning and snake bite patients. ICU is equipped with high-tech gadgetary like ventilators, multipara monitors, infusion pumps, pulse oximeters, defibrillators, ECG machines, glucometers, central oxygen, suction and compressed air supply. All patients in ICU are provided with air beds to prevent pressure/bed sores.

(b) C.C.U (Coronory Care Unit)

CCU is managed under the strict supervision of a cardiologist.It is equipped with ultra modern technology to manage all kinds of cardiac emergencies.There is duty of expert ,trained and qualified medical officers and staff nurses round the clock.In CCU there is 1:1 staff - pt. ratio.

(c) Neonatal I.C.U

Neonatology is a specialty within paediatric medicine that provides care for sick & premature infants. Infants less than one  month old are referred to as neonates.The NICU is a highly technical specialized unit at KD hospital that provides medical care, nursing care & technological support to sick & high risk premature infants. We are using advanced technology like surfactants, mechanical ventilators phototherapies, oxygen hoods, incubators, infusion pumps, warmers etc to provide medical & physiological support to the premature infants for saving their lives.The professionals working in NICU at KD Hospital are highly trained in the care of pre term babies.Facility for exchange transfusion is also available here. We have an ultramodern NICU along with a room for mothers where they can feed their babies.

(d) Paediatric I.C.U

The current evidence suggest that the sickest sub group of  children are less likely to die if treated in paediatric ICU in a tertiary care hospital. PICU at KD hospital is a separate unit from the  neonatal & adult ICU, and is purely dedicated to children . This is managed by an experienced team of paediatricians, staff nurses, respiratory therapists & physiotherapists .This team of professionals works together with  the family to provide a holistic approach to management of the children's needs.

(e) Stroke I.C.U
Stroke I.C.U.
Stroke I.C.U.
Stroke I.C.U.

Stroke ICU with dedicated stroke ICU staff provide the environment for the recovery of stroke patients at KD Hospital . Brain swelling is a common problem & the pressure it causes on normal tissue can lead to further cell damage, To get stroke victims safely past the swelling , medication & intensive care are being provided here.

For patients of ischaemic stroke inravenous thrombolytic therapy (t-PA inj.)is available here with excellent results .in additon to this clotbust therapy (TCD along with t-PA) is also available for stroke patients at KD Hospital. Stroke ICU is managed by neurologist with trained staff , physiotherapist &  dietician. It is well equipped with all the latest technological advances in neurology.

For stroke patients who need life saving emergency surgeries (like hemicraniotomy), the facility is also available under the same roof .



1 Laboratory

Lab is providing its services round the clock under the supervision of reputed pathologist.

The lab is equipped with the following equipments

Sysmex KX -21.
Erba Chem 5 plus.
9180 Electrolyte Analyzer (Roche).
RA-50 Bayer.
Nikon Microscopes.
ABG Machine


Digital EEG
Nerve conduction studies
Sleep Lab

3. Two mobile X-ray Machines for radiological investigations

4. Glucometers for instant bedside blood sugar checkup.

5. We also outsource bed side ultrasound, Echocardiography, Endoscopy for emergency ligation of varices and fibre-optic bronchoscopy.


Our hospital is authorized by the civil surgeon to undertake M.T.P. and all the family planning operations



High tech operation theatres with well trained OT staff, technicians , anaesthesia backup, fully sterilized and well equipped with latest advances in the field of neuro, microneuro and spinal surgery, general surgery, obstetric and gynae surgery, minimal invasive surgery, laparoscopic surgery, orthopaedic surgery with C-ARM facility, paediatric surgery etc. Temporary and permanent pacemaking is also done here.