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Emergency & Trauma Services

Trauma is a leading cause of death. Worldwide 5.1 million people die every year due to Road Traffic Injuries. Another 50 million people are seriously injured every year and lose their livelihood. In India, there is a vehicular crash every 3 minutes, and a death every 6 minutes .Nearly 300 people die every day and more than 5000 people are seriously injured.In fact, India is right at the top of the Global Road Traffic Injury Mortality. The need for an educated, informed and scientific approach towards trauma management is an urgent need of the hour & imperative.

(As Per ITACCS India 2009: Kolkata:22nd & 23rd August )

Trauma Team

Two Neuro Surgeons

  • Dr. Dushyant Thaman (M.ch)
  • Dr. Jayant Chawla (M.ch)

One Faciomaxillary Surgeon

  • Dr. M.S Diwan (M.D.S)

One Physician

  • Dr. Kuldeep Singh Arora (MBBS Gold Medalist E.C.F.M.G.)

One General Surgeon

  • Dr. P.S. Bedi (MS)

Two Orthopaedic Surgeon

  • Dr. Sunandan Bhardwaj (MS)
  • Dr. Raj Kumar Aggarwal (MS)

Two Critical Care Specialists

  • Dr. Raman Chatrath (MD)
  • Dr. R.S. Waan (MD)

Well trained & experienced medical officers & staff round the clock.